Self-Hell Transforms to Self-Respect.

Only by going through self-hell, self-questioning, self-doubt, self-distrust, self-paranoia and self-analysation, can a REAL deep sense of self-love, self-respect and self-honour develop. I know how it feels. It crushes us. We honestly feel ill, insane. We end up cowering in a corner, even though we are alone. Wondering if we are mad. At times, we … Continue reading Self-Hell Transforms to Self-Respect.

You are always doing the best you can in every moment.

I felt it was very important to write this post to counteract all the language often used by spiritual counsellors and advisors of ''You are keeping yourself stuck', and ''You are allowing this to happen.'' While there may be an element of truth to this, hearing this at the time, isn't always helpful, as it … Continue reading You are always doing the best you can in every moment.

Loving Yourself.

Loving yourself is a process. It takes time. Do not expect yourself to suddenly start being loving, kind and gentle with yourself just because you have decided to do so. You will still catch yourself time and time again for weeks, months, maybe even years, still repeating the same overly critical patterns towards yourself. So, … Continue reading Loving Yourself.


There is no pressure to 'know' anything. No 'gut-feeling' or understanding you need to 'work-out'. All just is at it is. All will be as it will. All will be revealed about whatever it needs to at the right time. Just try your best to go with the flow of yourself, moment to moment. No … Continue reading JUST BE.