You are always doing the best you can in every moment.

I felt it was very important to write this post to counteract all the language often used by spiritual counsellors and advisors of ”You are keeping yourself stuck’, and ”You are allowing this to happen.”

While there may be an element of truth to this, hearing this at the time, isn’t always helpful, as it carries a subtle energy of ‘blame’, and of that you ”could be doing better than what you are right now” behind it, which then adds to the inner pressure of needing to ‘fix things’ and ”I’m ‘supposed’ to ”get this right”.

All this creates the opposite of just surrendering and letting go. The more we feel we are doing life ”wrong”, the more we ”blame ourselves”, and the more we TRY and see how we can fix our issues and solve our problems, the more we are resisting and struggling. Trying to FORCE solutions.

If only I understood more, knew more, could work this out, I would see my issues, I would see the solutions and what I can do about them…

No. We are honestly and truly always doing the very best we can from our current position of understanding in every moment. Yes, maybe there is something we are missing and not fully grasping. Maybe there is a limiting belief keeping us stuck. But we can’t see that yet! If we could, we would bloody drop it like hot coal!

If we knew what it was we needed to let go of, or grow into, then we would. But we don’t know yet and so we can’t. At least not yet.

Awareness cannot be forced. What you don’t understand, you don’t understand. What you can’t see, you can’t see. You can’t make yourself see or understand something that you don’t even know you’re supposed to be understanding yet!!!

Awareness and clarity will just happen, like BOOM! and it’ll be like, ”Ohh, I see it now!” And then you will have the perspective to move forward. But this just naturally happens as we move through life, it cannot be forced. All you can do, is sit back and allow the process to be as it is.

You are always doing your best. ALWAYS. You can’t make yourself ”do any better” than what you are right now in this moment. You will see and learn and do what you need to when the time is right. It will come to you.

So please be gentle with yourself dear ones. Release the energy that is ‘trying’ and ‘doing’ to work things out and ‘be better’. And show patience with that ‘doing’ and ‘trying’ energy. It also doesn’t know any better yet. Show all sides of yourself compassion.

You can’t force truth, insights and epiphanies. They just happen. Surrender. Trust. Let yourself be and receive. God Bless.

© INFJ 9.6.2017

Free Happy Woman Enjoying Nature. Beauty Girl Outdoor.

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