Paradoxical Existence.

What you are seeking, is seeking you.

Creation, existence is the biggest paradox of all time. With this ‘mind’ we are able to define, name, label and categorise. And in doing so, we give whatever it is we are labelling, its experience to exist in the first place. We are creating it, by naming it. This act of naming is what pins it down. Is what pins down pure creative raw energy. Is what gives it its existence.

SO, the very fact that we are seeking our TRUE source, our ESSENCE, our CREATOR, we are, in that seeking of it, creating it to be seeked! WE are creating the creator that created us! We are seeking that which now seeks us.

So really, we created ourselves! We are the creator and the created. All at the same time. Nothing ever really began, so nothing can ever end. Nothing exists at all, and yet at the same time, we have always existed.

Also, we tend to think that there is a source out there, an energy that ‘knows everything’, and that we are seeking this ‘already out there somewhere’ information. But perhaps instead, with how paradoxical our existence is, and with how it is a miraculous,
super intelligent, and happy accident, WE ARE GOD, trying to find out why we/it exists. So it’s not that we must seek the source of the TRUTH, we ARE discovering the truth, GOD, US, is discovering the TRUTH about is existence AS WE DO, THROUGH US DOING SO. For we ARE God. Being its best ‘Godly’ self in every moment…..

”God is EVERYTHING and EVERYONE. ”You cannot ‘know’ GOD. For to ‘know’ God, is to reduce ‘God’ down to a single ‘THING’. A single experience or sensation. The closest you will get to ‘God’, is to know yourself AS everything.”

© INFJ 9.6.2017

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