Loving Yourself.

Loving yourself is a process. It takes time. Do not expect yourself to suddenly start being loving, kind and gentle with yourself just because you have decided to do so.

You will still catch yourself time and time again for weeks, months, maybe even years, still repeating the same overly critical patterns towards yourself.

So, when you catch yourself doing this, rather than see it as another thing to be hard on yourself for, ”God there I am again, being hard on myself”. Or, ”I can’t even love myself right!!’, creating yet another layer of it, instead, be compassionate and accepting towards this part of yourself also.

And if you catch yourself being critical towards your criticalness, again, show it acceptance and compassion.

It will take some time to slowly retrain a different way of being towards yourself. Be patient towards the critical parts of yourself. Be compassionate. It’s all it knows…

© INFJ 29.5.2017


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