There is no pressure to ‘know’ anything. No ‘gut-feeling’ or understanding you need to ‘work-out’. All just is at it is. All will be as it will. All will be revealed about whatever it needs to at the right time.

Just try your best to go with the flow of yourself, moment to moment. No need to worry if you’re doing this whole ‘life’ business ‘right’. None of us really have a clue about how all this reality works or what any of this means. It’s all just assumptions and concepts calculated with our minds. Surrender to the not knowing…and just BE.

If you can, just sit with the questions…be okay with the questions not having any answers yet….just sit with the questions…

There is no-where to ‘get to’. There is nowhere ‘to be’. Let go of seeking happiness, healing, and growth. There is only today. There is only this moment. Let go of self-expectations and improvement. You are meant to be as you are right now. Who you are right now.

Your perspective of life will always be changing….evolving. You may view life completely differently in the future than what you do now….

Mastering any balance takes having many experiences of both extremes. So do not worry, you can’t go ‘wrong’. You HAVE to experience imbalances before any balance can be attained. And this will all happen naturally as you move through life. So there is no need to ‘DO’ anything. Just be yourself moment to moment, continuing this crazy journey of life.

It’s okay not to know exactly what your feelings mean….to wonder where they will lead too…It’s okay to not know what feelings actually have any truth to them, and what ones may one day mean nothing, even if it feels so meaningful now….It’s okay not to know. You’re not doing anything ‘wrong’ if you don’t understand. You just need to let go and trust that the answers will come when the time is right. You are doing your best. Trust that clarity and the right insights will come. Just go with the flow as best you can….

Sometimes we just feel disconnected. BE with it. Connection will return.

Any fear and doubt is okay too. Be compassionate and understanding towards it. Let it feel ‘allowed’. It’s not ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’, or to be seen as an ‘enemy’ as many teachings say. This whole enemy based view just creates more resistance and pain. Just show any experienced fear and doubts your loving compassion.

And sometimes there is no comfort or peace to be found, no matter what thoughts we adapt or ways we try to find it. And we’ve just go to BE with that too. Be with the sadness, unsettlement, and disconnection within. Just ride it out.

You are just going through a process. It will all be okay….

© INFJ 29.5.2017


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