Mission from Above…..

It all seems so surreal as we try and survive in this windfall of life. It all passes us by so quick. It never seems long enough, gone in the blink of an eye.

A tide of aspirations guiding us blindly in the ways of the wind. Let me be still, as I let this resistance go, listening from the shadows. It keeps whispering your name. It’s time we listen today. Listening with anticipation, for another fulfilling destination.

It keeps coming, as we keep going. We try and fulfill our name in the forever changing tides of the sand. But there is no permanent path in this life, just a forever changing breeze for us to fly with if we might.

We begin to question the unlimited possibilities that were previously blocked from our eyes. Please make us wish, make us wonder, make us see our reflection in the glistening flow of the river.

Wisdom. It is all there really is. But ignorance is needed to make this possibility exist.

We make our way from the past up to today. Moving along, we can barely catch our breath as we find ourselves at the foothold of yet another trial for us to behold.

It all seems so mysterious. We wish to see our future in the crystal green eyes of the maiden as she appears to us.

Just know, that you all have a goal, a purpose, and a dream. It is all planted within your being like the roots of a bean. You shall watch it grow, it will slowly develop. It may not look like much as it begins, but it shall become clearer as it sprouts and struggles for its mission. It will be before your eyes, the whole entire time, but it will be so very obvious, that you may miss why. But you will soon see in the end, as everybody does, that your goals and wishes are sent from above.

Becoming more unseen as the days go by, what you are supposed to be doing and why. Let it be. Just fall into your place. There’s no need to worry and fear, just embrace. I promise you that you will be okay. Just forgive and breathe through yet another day. I can assure you, it won’t be a waste.

Be thankful for all that you have, for one day it will be gone. It’s never too far until the end comes along. Knocking at your door, whispering that it’s time to return you to what you once were before.

All the mistakes you’ve made, all the ways in which you think you’ve messed up, are all just trial and error, all ways in which you grow. You can not regret a single move that you have chose.

You shall soon see like everybody does, that it will all make sense in the end……

Lots of love from above. x

© INFJ 24.5.2017


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