Follow YOUR Feelings.

Often in our lives, we face new and different situations or people. We may face big changes that bring about different and difficult feelings. We are often left feeling unsure of what we should be doing or feeling.

There is so much different contradictory advice out there, on just about everything in the world. What the best and healthiest ways of thinking and feeling are. What you ‘should’ or ‘shouldn’t’ do to deal with things.

Plus then you have your closest. Friends and family, maybe a spouse, who also all have their own opinions and advice based on their own experiences.

We wonder what it is we should do. And what the ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ thing to do is.

But the reason we usually wonder and face this confusion is because we are not truly listening to our own feelings.

We always have our own feelings regarding things. And they are always are our indicators for what is right for you. It really is as simple as that. If something doesn’t feel right for you, then it isn’t. If something brings you sadness, unease, anxiety or discomfort, then listen to this.

Just because it is right for someone else, doesn’t mean it is for you.

But a problem that a majority of people have, is that they think that what is right for them, is right for others. They think that their experiences give them the right to advise other people on what ‘is best’ and ‘what isn’t’.

Now, most of these people are also well intended at heart, but is still doesn’t change the fact, that it is only right FOR THEM.

Sometimes, maybe what is right for another, IS also right for you. But again, YOUR OWN FEELINGS will let you know this.

How many times have we come to a new situation or meet a new person, and it just didn’t ‘resonate’. BUT, we tell ourselves, ”Well maybe I just haven’t given this situation a fair chance”. Or maybe, ”I just need to give them the benefit of the doubt”. But then later on, what we felt proves to be right, and we think, ‘If only I’d listened to my feelings!” Or we do let it go, and feel a huge sense of relief about doing so.

That huge sense of relief is your biggest indicator in that you have made the right choice in letting something go. Even if our minds still question whether we have done the right thing or not, our feelings of relief show us that what we have let go of, was the right thing for us to do energetically. Clearing a much-needed space within our energy field.

And yes, sometimes our feelings about things can change. Maybe one day, something doesn’t feel right, and the next time it does. That’s okay too. Trust that also. After all, we are always changing as people. Our ideas, our truths, our priorities, our perceptions and consciousness, is always evolving. So of course what is right for you one time, may not be another time.

But our feelings will ALWAYS indicate to us, what is right for us AT THAT TIME. With who we are, in THAT moment.

We learn to do this through life as we experience it. Listening to your feelings and really trusting them, is not another thing for you to be hard on yourself for. It is just another skill, that we gradually learn to Master as we experience this crazy journey of life. So be kind to yourself as you practise this listening of self. It will take self-patience and trust, and this will come with time…..

So whenever the world appears to be confusing, contradictory and far from comforting, go within. Listen to YOU. It doesn’t matter what anyone else says or thinks about what you are doing and feeling. Their feeling are THEIR feelings. Their truth is THEIR truth. Your feelings will always show you what is right or wrong for you as a person. Please listen to them. Honour them.

Believe in YOU.

© INFJ 23.5.2017



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