Relationships and Purpose.

All relationships, romantic, friendship and family serve a purpose. A purpose for our growth and development as an individual.

Each relationship provides us with what we need in its own unique way. One relationship may serve us with hard emotional painful lessons, another may serve us with providing comfort and support.

And once we no longer need whatever is provided from someone, life has a way of going about moving you away from each other. Whether it’s an abrupt ending, just slowly growing apart, or even death.

The faster you grow as an individual, the quicker and more often you will outgrow lovers, friends, maybe even family. It will seem as if you cannot keep a lover or a friend for long. First, there is a connection, and then within maybe weeks, you hang out again and inwardly realize that you’re just not connecting with them the way you were before.

This can leave some doubts of ‘Is something wrong with me’? Which is natural, but no.

Know that if you live the path of an individual who is going to experience a great transformation, this is what happens. Each person comes along with their particular energy, to connect with yours in a particular way, and to be another step for us to advance from. And the quicker you grow, the quicker a connection, followed by disconnection.

So this then leads us onto the path of detachment, as we end up having no choice to not get too attached to anyone. But this also gives a great sense of freedom around people, as expectations about how and what each relationship/friendship ‘should’ be like, are no longer apparent.

We accept that in the end, no matter how close we feel to this person right now, at some point, in some way, it will come to a close, as it serves its purpose.

It is the lonely path of those who grow rapidly. Which at some point, makes this question come to the front. Personal growth, or lasting connection?

Those who may not want to let someone go, relationship, friendship or otherwise, know that in this case, you are prioritizing holding onto the connection. Which is completely understandable. When we get attached, it fucking hurts to let go. But know that further personal growth is on the other side.

I know now, I’d choose growth every time.

© INFJ 25.3.2017


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