Life Doubt from an Optimist’s Perspective.

This is for those people who are generally optimistic, positive people, who see the better purpose and reason behind everything, and see the ‘silver lining’ in the clouds.

I am one of these people too.


Now even optimistic people still get doubtful, sad and skeptical about life sometimes. But we just don’t normally stay there for too long.

However, as generally upbeat people, when we do have these moments, we are quick to judge them harshly, and see and feel them as a lot darker than what they actually are, because of the contrast to our usual happy nature.

We may become highly conscientious of our thoughts and feelings when we are this way. We will be quick to judge it as we are losing our sparkle and are changing for the worse.

And yet eventually, we are back to feeling okay again. That is life. Ups and downs.

Having these moments is normal. And only feels so threatening against our most common and expected way of experiencing life.

Think about people who are truly miserable, grumpy, skeptical and bitter most of the time, and this may put things in perspective a bit. It’s not even threatening to them. It’s normal.

Your moments are not really the same as that.

You’re doing okay.

© INFJ 25.3.2017


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