The Unknown

It came rupturing around a long black corner, the ominous cloud of Fear…a detailed origami of unreasonable structures. Rupturing the mind on an uneven basis.

What will happen? What will become of us? We must face the demon of the unknown. Breathing down our necks, there is nowhere to turn.

Quakes of death, forces of the unseen, it quivers like a million arrows through the breath of life. There is only one foot forward and a hopeful gleam.

It all becomes a hidden terrain that we can no longer try and gain access. No more lights or signs, only blind hope and faith that the divine will be on your side.

Is it worth living like this? Is this a test? Will l be okay? All we can do is hold on, one day at a time, smiling at the small things in life, as time calls your name.

The future is unknown, what it will bring is uncertain. All we can do is look beyond our comfort curtain and trust that we will grow.

It all happens in a whirlwind, hardly any time to think. The solid we once knew, all washed away with the tide.

We look down and still see our feet. But there is no ground, no floor, no directions and no doors. We just have to trust that our feet will guide us to wherever we are meant to be and what for.

There will be bumps along the road, not knowing which way to go. There will be questions and surprises, and all sorts of devises.

There will be good times and bad. There will be tears and you will be glad. It will be quite the adventure, and you shall soon see, that destiny plays its part and you were always safe…

Just believe.

© INFJ 21.5.2017


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