You Are Not Worthy Of Me.

A lot of men find me fascinating. A bright flame of vigorous life they find captivating.

A lustful specimen. Interesting. Wild and deep. A mystery.

They want to get closer, get to know me better.

Most want to ‘capture’ me, ‘tame’ me. Make me theirs.
Many naively believing they have got what it takes to fulfil me.

But they don’t stand a chance. I see their intriguing looks, and read their self-assured energy, but know they could never actually understand what I am. They could never provide me with what I need as a woman, deeply in touch with who she is.

You have never had a woman like me, and you never will. At least not in this lifetime.

It’s like a load of apes staring at the princess prize. I am the out of reach diamond, that only a mature handler knows how to polish.

One who can excite me with their philosophical intelligence.
One can ignite my respect with their deep maturity.
One who is grounded and stable in who they are.
One who is sensual in their authority.
One who can connect to me as an equal.

These men are also rare prizes. The ones who have allowed life to age and transform them.

But most commonly found are the apes, who like what they see, but cannot even comprehend the lack of substance of which I speak.

So keep admiring and trying its all great fun. But you see, you will never get lucky….

You are not worthy of me.

© INFJ 5.3.2017


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