Just Because I’m Quiet…..

Just because I don’t say anything doesn’t mean I don’t see; the tried and subtle manipulations used upon me.

Just because I continue to smile and be friendly;
doesn’t mean I haven’t instantly read your energy.

Just because I continue to be civilised;
doesn’t mean I don’t see through your deepest disguise.

Just because I may continue to politely laugh;
doesn’t mean I haven’t seen through your mask.

Just because I let you think your stringing me along;
doesn’t mean I can’t see where you’re really coming from.

Just because I continue to be polite;
doesn’t mean I don’t sense where your intentions really lie.

Eventually, you may think you have ‘got me’, and will try and establish more.
So then I will assert my boundaries, becoming more real and raw.

Or maybe you’ve got other prey, and won’t try and push your game.
And so we will continue in this polite normal way, you naively thinking your secrets safe….

Now, who is really fooling who I say……

© INFJ 4.3.2017


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