A misty Spring morning.

A morning walk to a little churchyard,
Near the sea, not too near or far.

A misty drizzle is in the air,
Leaving a moist imprint upon your hair.

The fog like a comforting blanket in its density,
Creating the atmosphere of a surrounding mystery.

A low background buzzing of nearby boats,
Friendly chats with the chirpy locals.

A loud gushing of a nearby stream,
Causing your mind to drift and dream.

Relaxing on a bench, your barefoot on the earth,
Philosophically thinking about death and birth.

Distant clangings of builders doing their day’s work,
The world is gradually waking up, becoming alert.

The first spring flowers you begin to see blooming,
Funny little insects are about mooching.

Nearby birds whistling their favourite song,
Will you try and sing along?

The night before raindrops still hanging from blades of grass,
The Spring, with the promise of Summer is here at last.

© INFJ 14.3.2017


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