Forget about ‘Ego’.

I write a lot about loving and accepting yourself as you are. This is great. But I have not mentioned enough, the paradox in this.

A lot of us assume that this ‘Loving yourself’ journey, is all about seeing, living and being with the ‘Light’ and overcoming ‘ego’ traits.

But this is not balance. We are Spirit in a human body. This means we have come to experience this world of ‘Duality’.

And Duality is Light and Dark. The Love and the ‘Ego’.

Everything is ONE. Duality doesn’t really exist. AND it is that exact knowing that all is one, which points towards us accepting ALL of our possible natures. Including the ‘darker’ facets of ourselves. After all, darkness shows us the light. They need each other.

You wouldn’t experience ‘waking-up’ without ‘being asleep’ first.

This whole concept of ‘Ego’ just creates more separation of self.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience. And in this reality, we are here to experience both sides of nature.

Accept that sometimes you may be selfish, vain, loud, negative, angry, any of these things and more. Accept your ‘ego’ traits. It is all one.

And then going further into the paradox is, that there may be some parts of yourself, you just don’t like. Don’t feel that you can love. That you feel angry and upset towards. (Which would also be called ‘Ego’.) But rather than trying to make yourself love yourself because that’s what you think you should do, instead, LOVE the parts of yourself that don’t love yourself! Show them compassion and understanding to why they feel the way they do.

There is no such thing as ‘Ego’. It is just another name and concept that we have thought up to label some parts of ourselves that we feel we should ‘overcome’.

The idea of an ‘Ego’ and what it apparently means, is very invalidating to our natural feelings of being human. For we are here to experience ALL types of feeling. None is more holy or ‘better’ than another.

The more attention you give to this ‘idea’ of having an ‘ego’ to overcome, the more energy you will give to this ‘illusion’.

So do you see? You can’t ‘overcome’ something that doesn’t exist!

‘Ego’ only ‘exists’ because of the ”idea” of it. It’s like what came first, the chicken or the egg.

Only ‘Ego’ would want to make something ‘wrong’ about anything. Including its own existence! Instead, show compassion.

In fact, in the language terms of what we call the ‘Ego’, you could say, that Ego came up with itself to create a problem of having something to ‘overcome!’

But THEN ALSO, don’t try to overcome this idea of overcoming ourselves. Don’t make that ‘wrong’ either. See how deep this can go?

So forget ‘Ego’.  Just feel all your feelings fully, and think what you think without judgement or resistance. And if you feel judgement and resistance, don’t make that ‘wrong’ either! Feel it fully and it shall pass through. Everything will pass through of its own accord.

Just bear witness to all that arises within you and be with it……

You are all of it, and yet are none of it. We exist and yet we don’t.

All one and the same.

© INFJ 19.05.2017


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