When Learning to Love Yourself, Remember…..

* You are supposed to be who you are, right now, the way you are. Not some future ideal. Who you are right NOW, thinking, feeling and being in this moment.

* Your insecurities and ‘flaws’ make you who you are. They are not weak or wrong. They make you vulnerable, realistically imperfect and beautiful for it.

* All that has happened to you, has helped shape you into who you are. Pain and ”bad” experiences has taught you compassion, maturity, understanding, wisdom, growth and so much more.

* Love and nurture your soft, gentle and sweet side. It expresses innocence, curiosity, playfulness and wonder. Honour your inner-child.

* Honour and admire your darker side. We are not always ‘nice’. Allow your egotistical ‘inner-bitch (or bastard!)’ its expression also. Allow its passion, creativity and drive.

* Forgive yourself. Go easy on yourself. You are not perfect. And if you find yourself repeating the being too hard on yourself habits, forgive yourself for this also. Things take time.

* Do not pressure yourself to be more than what you are in this moment. Be with where you are at. If that is feeling sad and insecure, that it okay. If you are feeling angry and hateful, that is okay also. Give all feelings the unconditional space to be, and your acknowledgement and understanding. Nurture, comfort and express yourself for as long as is needed. Do not set a time on how long you need down/healing time. Even if this is weeks or months.

* Begin some daily ”I AM” affirmations, even if you don’t at first believe them, and they feel uncomfortable to say. ”I am beautiful. I am wonderful. I am brave. I am smart. I am wise. I am worthy and deserving. I trust myself. I love myself.”

* People do not love themselves because they are beautiful. They are beautiful because they love themselves.

~Unconditional self love is not about changing yourself, or wanting to be more than what you are. It is not even about wanting to ‘grow’ to be ‘better’ for yourself. For the paradox to self love is that as soon as you truly do not want to change yourself and instead accept yourself just as you are, THEN the biggest inner transformation begins to happen……~

© INFJ 01/2017


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