Something was cast out long ago on that lonely December night. Do you remember the dreams that were tossed away in a cloud of the doubting mind?

You had a single sweet tear drop running softly down your face.
It glistened in the midnight moon, being held by its embrace.

The Moon watched compassionately, taking a hold of your abandoned dreams.
Keeping them safe and pure within its silver beams.

It held tightly onto them, until finally once upon when,
Under the midnight rays, you would be ready to complete yourself again.

And now finally on this night, sad, defeated and empty inside,
You are curiously listening, surrendering to the subtle whisperings.

And so, under this full moon, let go of thinking and feel your dreams take hold.
Speak purely from your hearts burning desires, and burst forth from within your soul.

Let the lunar rays shine light upon your cobwebs and make you feel unstoppable.
Coming alive while the rest of the world sleeps, your wildest imaginations feeling possible.

Now scream, cry, shout, laugh, dance and howl. Joining in with the song of the wild, screeching like an owl.

Eventually lying down with your dreams, and gazing at the stars. Falling happily asleep, and dreaming of places from afar.

And so you awaken under the burning ambition of the Sun. Feeling its warmth and its blazing readiness to get what needs done.

Put into action all that you have foresaw. Take those first steps, and walk through every door.

And then take your place alongside the smiling daisy faces. Likewise growing rapidly with flourishing graces.

And so remember, that things are not always as they seem.
Never forget to go dancing within the realm of Moon dreams.

© INFJ 02/2017


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