Vulnerability is the basis of life.

If all humans were able to embrace and acknowledge their vulnerability in life, there would be no war and no cruelty.

We are all at our core extremely vulnerable. And this is okay! This is not to be shamed or changed. It is just life.

When we are born, we are completely dependent upon others to ensure our survival. And we have no choice in this. Yes, we grow older, and in psychical ways, we are able to then take care of ourselves.

But this becomes and is our first taste of the world.

Life is so fragile. ALL life. For it is finite. All that exists in this reality as we know it, will at some point cease to exist. And this truth shows how fragile all life is. We can’t change this.

And that’s scary. And that’s okay.

We are all in this big wide world, all trying our best to understand and make sense of it. We all adapt ourselves to truths that resonate with us and bring us some sense of comfort to get by in life. Yet these ideas and beliefs can also so easily be destroyed, broken down and explained away.

Showing how fragile ‘beliefs’ and ‘truths’ are.

Through our lives, we have our personal identities. We have our strengths and weaknesses. We have our flaws and baggage. Our triggers. And we have the way in which we view and relate to ourselves and others. Our ‘self-image’.

Yet, with so many different people in the world, so many different ideas, theories and philosophies, our sense of self is always under threat of invalidation. There are so many questions. So much confusion and contradiction.

There is so much uncertainty. So much ‘unknowingness’. And in all these ways, we are just trying to survive.

It’s all so fragile. And shows how vulnerable we all really are to it.

But this doesn’t mean everyone deals with this or acknowledges it. Infact far from it. Our fear covers up and our culture promotes the opposite. To be ‘strong’. To be ‘sure’. To ‘know yourself’. Be confident. Be happy. Know what you’re doing. Be in control. Stand firm. Know who you are. Know where you’re going.

Nothing acknowledging and encouraging the reality of the vulnerability of this existence.

If we all acknowledged our underlining vulnerability and the fear this brings, people would be kinder, softer and more compassionate towards one another. None of this, ‘toughen up’ and ‘get over it’ crap.

Those who are ‘tough’, ‘uncaring’, cruel or bullies, are completely running away or even cut off, disconnected and disowned from their vulnerability. You cannot help these people. It is their own journey to take.

And they are only attacking in you, what they have disowned in themselves. People like this, are extremely threatened and triggered by seeing vulnerability for it triggers their own unacknowledged vulnerability and pain. And if they WILL NOT deal with it, they will deny you or attack you. Feel sorry for these folk and wish them love, but take care of yourself and walk away.

But do not ‘toughen up yourself’ to deal with people like this. In doing so, you are only also doing what they are doing; Toughening up to survive, which is the creation of pain and cruelty in the world in the first place.

So acknowledge your vulnerability. Love it and cherish it. The more people do so, the more compassionate and understanding our world will become.

© INFJ 14.05.2017


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