A long forgotten memory. A wave of dreams adrift. Pointing to the never-ending cycle of life. Giving in to temptation as you rock the boat. Sitting on the edge of a dream.
Will you jump? Can you surrender enough? Will you give up all for this random leap?
Take some time, and think about your goals and dreams.

The sun is there. It always will be shining behind the trees. All will be well. You will see. Just believe.

Trust in the after flow of the aftermath. Take in the full notion of what you have come to behold.
Grow a pair of wings and make love with the sweet melody in the air of sensual femininity.
One day, it will free your soul to dance with truth.

Now get ready to come undone in the heat of the sun. All that you have seen will set you free, as you believe in destiny.
What shall come next in this bag full of surprises? Will it all be finished when sunset arises?

Now take heed and do what needs to be done. A Divine sign. And so it shall become.

We are all children of the earth. And don’t you forget it. Praise, honour and know what you are. Feel your soul as you simultaneously raise up to the heavens and connect to the ground so below.

Thank God and the Earth for your existence today. Maybe there will not be a tomorrow. Maybe the clouds will not go away. But instead, learn to dance in the rain. Learn to feel alive again. Make peace with the bad weather. It is all part of the same.

Seemingly separate, yet all is one. The truth of the absolute. Oneness in soul. Oneness in Earth. The same knowing that abides in us all.

Come hither and sway like the wind. Dissolving like quicksand, into the one pure source of all creation.

Maybe one day, it will make sense. It will click, and you will fall onto your true path of bliss. You will fly, coming through like an aftershock, building those forgotten bridges. Crafting them into more than what they were before. Now you are able to climb and see the top. Getting higher and higher, reaching the castle, where your kindred spirits flock.

Take your place on the throne of the unknown, where you were always destined to be, next to your brothers and sisters, where you belong.

Dancing to the night skies, knowing that everything is going to be alright. You are as you should be, and you always were. All you needed was to resonate with the truth of this. Feel this reality, so that you may breathe in your own essence and celebrate. Feel your purpose for being alive today. It already exists. It already is. It is right there for you and all others, just so easily missed.

But guess what? You cannot really miss it either. That is just a perception. Always it is there, spiralling, dancing, flowing and pulling at your heart, always giving direction.

When you awaken to all that you are, see from afar the divine miracles that can occur.

Please love yourself, my dear children. Love, love, love yourself from the depth of your souls. You have forgotten, that is all.

You blunder, question, doubt and make mistakes, and yet that is also the path we must take, to know and experience all that is meant to cause us to break.

You are an infinite source of universal consciousness, making itself known by just existing in this crazy wonderland of creative madness.

Let your truth be told. Be bold and stand tall and proud in who you are. Do not let another dim your light. Instead shine yourself so bright, that others will either run or self-ignite and stand brazenly by your side.

© INFJ. 4.3.2017


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