The Beauty in Pain.

See the beauty in pain. See the beauty in your sadness.
Love it. Hold it. Comfort and embrace it like a long-lost friend.

Life is about balance. Life is about duality. The good and the bad. The sun and the rain. The Light and the dark. Black and white. Yin and yang.

Opposites. Seemingly separate. Yet together, they make the whole.

Light cannot defeat the dark, same as the dark cannot completely swallow the light. There is no war in-between. Only that which perceives in our minds and makes a judgement. They are both needed to know thyself. An ‘opposite’ reflects back to us what IS.

And emotions are the same. Happiness and sadness.

So you see, sadness, pain, loss, tears and grief, make the colourful rainbow masterpiece of life. Altogether, it creates the multicoloured portrait in this existence, of living in this human experience.

The world is so focused on happiness and healing. Trying to ‘fix’ anything that is not joy and bliss. Yet, this is what makes this human experience what it is. Without one, we would not know the other.

So do you see, you do not need to ‘fix’ your sadness. You do not need to heal your wounds, or your perceived ‘baggage’. IT MAKES YOU WHAT YOU ARE! Beautiful and unique. It makes you a whole being with many facets. We all have a ‘shadow’ self that is just as important as the Light.

Without experiencing your sadness and grief, you would not develop beautiful traits, like empathy, compassion and understanding.

We are made to feel that if we are sad, we are doing something ‘wrong’, and so, we end up feeling that we need to ‘do better’. We try and hide our sadness, and end up wearing a mask. We don’t wish to feel so vulnerable in this insensitive world. So we suppress a part of ourselves not deemed as worthy of expression in this modern ‘go-go’ world.

We forget to honour our sadness, grief, anger and other ‘darker’ emotions, realising that these are just as valuable as the happier ones. These are also our soul speaking, so we should listen and nurture them with unconditional love!

So next time sadness comes knocking at your door, whether it’s a soul crushing blow, or just a whispering stroke, welcome it. Breath with it. Inwardly hug it. Allow it to sink into your bones. Allow it to crush you if necessary. Be at peace with your pain. It does not need to change. It just wants loving and accepting like all the other parts of you do.

Pain may feel like its destroying you, and in a way, the old way, the old you, it is. But it is actually crafting you into something more beautiful. Like the intense pressure needed to create a diamond.

And eventually, it shall pass, like it always does. And another day of sun will shine again.

© INFJ 2017


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