Everything Is ‘GOD’.

Everything is God. Is the creator. Is the Divine. Even that which we label as not God. I.E; Fear, Illusion, Separation, is still the Divine’s creation. Let me explain.

As most of us now understand, we live in a world of seeming ‘dualities’. And this has to happen in our perceived reality for us to ‘define’ and ‘experience existing’ at all. How would we know the light without the dark? The beautiful without the ugly.
Most people now can now understand and relate to the saying that, “To know true joy, you have to have known deep sorrow.” The understanding is there now for most people, that to experience one thing, you need to have known the other. Its ‘opposite’.
Well, let’s take this understanding deeper.

We are on a journey of ‘awakening’ right? We are on a journey of loving ourselves. Of finding our way back to source. Of coming ‘Home’ to ourselves and to our divine connection to love. Well to experience all this ‘happening’, there has to be its ‘opposite.’

How would you know and experience what ‘awakening’ is like without first experiencing ‘being asleep’ to begin with? How would we understand what the ‘truth’ is without ‘lies’. How would you know what ‘healing’ is like, without experiencing ‘trauma/disease’. How would we experience and know love, without its opposite, ‘fear’. How would we experience what its like to be reconnected to ourselves, to Source/God, and bask in the awe of that wonderful refound reconnection, if we had never experienced ‘separation’ from it, and from ourselves in the first place?!

Opposites do not really exist. Duality does not really exist. But it has to appear so to our perception and reality, in order for us to experience any sense of ‘existence,’ or anything ‘happening’ at all.

Now lets go deeper with this understanding.

For ‘human’ wise and species wise, there are many of us. But God, Consciousness and Spirit wise, there is only one of us really here!!! And as we now understand, that without opposites, there is no ‘definition’, to give us a sense of anything ‘existing.’ So from home/source, that ONENESS awareness, feels no ‘sense’ of itself, as there is no comparison of itself to ‘another.’ There is only ‘self’.

So in order to experience ‘itself’, ‘US’, Spirit, gave birth to humans, and other life forms, in order to create the duality of ‘separateness’, so that it could experience through us, knowing ‘it/we’ exist at all.
So as you can see, from our ‘God’s’ point of view of consciousness, We/God, also created the reality of the ‘illusion’, to be able to have the experience of waking up to itself.

So when you resist fear, resist ‘ego’, or resist the ‘illusion’, or anything else within you, or around you, you are basically resisting yourself. Resisting the very illusion you also created to wake you up to yourself. But also, do not resist the urge to resist. As again, how would you know the experience of ‘surrender’, if you had not ever ‘resisted.’

When this concept of dualities and paradoxes is realised, then the oneness in everything in existence is understood. ❤

© INFJ 2016 


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