The Lonley Writer.

Being a writer is a lonely life.


Because it is through being lonely and separated from the usual rat-race, extroverted crowds, that we have the space to think, ponder, dream, self-reflect, and go very deep within our inner worlds.

In this place, we have the space to examine very conscientiously, the inner working of ourselves and others. We observe with a thirsty curiosity, why we do the things we do. Why reality is the way it is.

Sitting alone, we step out the human everyday flow, and stand alone, stopping to think and analyse.

Our inner worlds become our most important place. The place where we receive energy from our soul’s eternal form for nourishment.

Sitting alone, we tap into an infinite inner flow. We have the uninterrupted space to go deeper and deeper within ourselves.

So deep, that when we do try and inter-mingle with the rest of the more common society, we seem a little weird and appear ‘too deep’ for others. We are often judged as thinking and feeling too much.

And it is true, we no longer ‘fit’ into the norm.

But it’s not because we are weird. It’s actually because we are philosophical creative ‘geniuses’. And of course, geniuses ARE ‘weird’ to the people who cannot see what we see.

So sink into your loneliness. It is there, you will find yourself. Your truth. Your potential. Your creativity. It often hurts deeply I know. We still long for connection, understanding and closeness.

But once you can TRUST that place of loneliness, surrender to it, even welcome it, you will find your true strength of character. You will discover the depth of your shadow, the drive within your being, and the collapsing of inner and outer conditioning.

So know, that this is the path of those who are more awake. It is a sign of the hard, yet authentic path you are on.

Be proud of who you are.
Stand strong.
Believe in yourself.
And as always…

Keep Writing.

© INFJ 25.3.2017

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