Expansion Within the Kingdom of the Goddess.

Begin to open yourself to a new free way of life as you compose yourself upon a mission of personal divinity. Come and fling yourself against the windscreen wipers of destiny. It shall be more than you ever envisioned. It is all in the palm of your hand. Delicious sentiments cupped within the knowingness of life.

Grab the bull by the horns, and roll around in the grass. Dance in the forbidden lands and wave your hands at the trepidatious looks of the onlooker’s glances. They are just caught in the trap of the many, believing what they are told, too afraid to go against the gold of the forbidden fruit that we all must taste to free ourselves from the illusions embrace.

It is available to all of us. It is your birthright to experience the inner remedy of eternal bliss.

Supreme in intelligence and free from ignorance is the way of the made, as you begin to see through the fabric of the illusional path of today.

It surprises us all of what may become of those who dare to tread the path of the way of the queen herself. The divine feminine that needs to once again be honoured. She has the answers and the healing of all creation. Listen to her wisdom, do not crush or belittle her underneath your small way of viewing the world. It is not the way. SHE is the way. The beauty of gentleness. The gift of sensitivity. The energy of expansion. She is the eternal map of the path to the way of Divine experience if you only know how to read her. You want heaven, learn to listen. She is the golden gate, waving with open arms, showing the way into her loving temple. It shall be what she made it. A never ending story of glamorous proportions, flowing like melting ice against the heat of her compassion.

Let it make you boil inside like lava, releasing the poison from your stem, setting your soul on fire, as you begin to remember what it is like to feel love for others. You now float above all that seemed troublesome before.

Now you have tasted the fragrance of the heavenly kingdom. You are no longer afraid of your future in the arms of the Goddess. Thank her deeply.

It is all pre-destined to be in the making of history. You may feel alone on this journey and yet this you must feel. To be able to grow strong. Grow to know thyself deeply, and then your kindred spirits will come along.

It will not take long. You are never really alone, it just feels so when you are mingling along with the masses of the many that are still asleep. Let them be. It is not yet their time. One day maybe, but their journey is their own to complete.

Shall it be made? Shall this be the story that is passed onto future generations? The truth that you yourself have witnessed. You have awoken from your cacoon, and now you can guide others in their way through this confusing time of evolution.

Open your eyes to what is really available in this place of expanded human consciousness. It is all but just a wish that has to leave your lips….

© INFJ 17.3.2017

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